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Mommy and Me Yoga

Mommy and Me Yoga

Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.

B.K. S Iyengar

Mommy and Me Yoga nurtures the best of mindful mothering. How can one be gentle, open, and present with the intensity of emotions associated with parenting a child? It is possible. The skills learned in Mommy and Me Yoga help strengthen mothers to remember to breathe in difficult moments, sing in joyful ones, and always remember the power of mindful movement and stillness. Yoga is much more than postures. Yoga has to do with how we show up for each feeling and thought that moves through us. It has everything to do with how we show up for our children.

Mindful, gentle, and conscious mothering is a daily, inspiring, and, at times, arduous pursuit. Amy offers a safe and supportive space for mothers to learn how to care for their own bodies, breath, and wellbeing while connecting to their children. The early years of human development are evolutionarily wired to bond mother to child. In a culture that is often characterized by harsh parenting methods and an emphasis on unnatural independence in early childhood, Amy encourages mothers to trust their heartfelt intuition opened through both their personal practice of yoga and Mommy and Me Yoga classes. Amy also combines her passion for social justice with her yoga teaching and occasionally donates proceeds from Mommy and Me Yoga classes to Every Mother Counts, a fantastic organization focusing on improving maternal health worldwide.

All mothers of little ones benefit from the Mommy and Me adventure of movement, song, breath, and joy.

Currently, Amy teaches private Mommy and Me classes for individuals and/or groups in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, FL. The cost is $75 per 45-minute long class.


Amy Glenn brings laughter, comfort, music, and joy to her Mommy and Me classes. She naturally provides an atmosphere where mothers feel at ease and comfortable to soothe and feed their babies. My one-year old loves Amy and her class and we look forward to it every time.

Margit, mother of a one-year-old daughter

I started attending Mommy and Me Yoga with my daughter when she was around six-months-old. It was a great bonding experience for both of us. Now that she's an active toddler, she enjoys imitating poses, hearing the songs, and seeing other children. I enjoy getting to take some deep breaths and stretch a little. My daughter and I will continue to enjoy yoga together for a long time.

Erin, mother of a 18-month-old daughter

Amy creates a safe place for moms and their children to bond through yoga and make connections with other class participants. Amy's Mommy and Me Yoga is a positive and uplifting experience!

Melissa, mother of a ten-month-old daughter